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 Viruses, Trojans and Adware
One of the major advantages by use of Linux is that Virus, Trojan and Adware problems are greatly reduced. They are things that you must live with when you use one of the Other Software Manufacturer's products. I know what some critics of Linux will say, that is not exactly correct, viruses exist in Linux. The are right, see the below references. I must admit that I have been using Linux for the past 8 years and I have never experienced a virus etc. which effect my Linux machine. Since Linux can be used as server, Windows viruses can be downloaded to a Linux system and not effect Linux's performance, but they can be transferred to any Windows machine it serves.

I decided to run an experience a few months ago, on a test computer in my home office. I installed a software operating which was the most popular at that time from the Other Software Manufacturer on that box. I next installed a Anti Virus software package which was a quality product. I next decided to do every dangerous thing in my best judgment you should not do. I used a Mozilla Firefox Open Systems browser. I decided to browse the Internet rapidly as possible and look at Web Sites I know I should not be visiting. I decided to click on every Ad which Popped up on the screen and see what happens. Within on hour the computer was totally corrupted, and completely unusable. I powered the computer down, and re-booted. It would not boot, the installed said said there was problem and the computer' operating system would not start. My only solution was to format the hard drive and re-install the Operating System once again.

I have heard similar stories from elderly residents of my community. They decide to let the Grand Children use their Main Home Computer unsupervised. The Grand Children returned in a couple of hours and said their computer was no longer working. The elderly people soon found out what I experienced, their computer was unseuable.

I tried the same simple experiment with a computer with Linux installed. I was not able to crash this computer. I just gave got tied trying and stopped. This experiment is very simple for any one to duplicate. It will probably make you also a believer, that Virus's are not a problem on Linux.

Short comings in the Other Computers Software Operating System have created a large industry. Many companies were created just to solve this problem. Virus software elimination is now very large industry. Millions of people and many companies have spent millions of dollars just solving virus problems on their computers World Wide.  A simple solution would be just to use Open Source Software which can be downloaded FREE from the Internet.

I love to get one of these Emails, "Watch Out a XXX Virus is Out There". Do the following things to protect your computer. I have even tried to locate these viruses and do what I was told not to do. Nothing happened on my Open Source Linux computer. I always get a good laugh!!!

Some critics say that viruses exits on Linux. The following are some URL links on what they say. All I say is judge for your self and see if you agree. While you are deciding have a play with Open Systems Linux and see if you can crash it. I "double dare you"!!!
  1. The Virus Threat on Linux from an Expert          http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT3307459975.html
  2. Linux Malware                                                         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware
  3. A False Sense of Security                                     http://www.linuxhaxor.net/?p=1256
  4. Linux and Security - Mission Impossible?          http://www.commsdesign.com/design_corner/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=220900393