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Questions and answers. During the Linux At The Sessions some questions were asked. I must say I made an attempt to answer them at the meeting. Later giving them some thought. I revised my answer and sent an Email to the person who made the inquiry.  I felt it might be a good idea to summarize the question and answer my answers on a Web Page.

  • Question- I just installed Ubuntu on my Laptop and the wireless did not work, what can I do.
    • Answer - Install a USB Wireless adapter. On which works on all Linus is Asus WL-157G (Low cost, less than $20.
  • Question - I just installed a application with Ubuntu, and I can't figure out how to run it. It is not listed in the menu.
    • Answer - Open a terminal, and issue a "whereis application_name" command. This will display the folder where your application is installed.
    • Next type the /path/name in terminal .i.e. /user/bin/krusader. If it runs correct create a Desktop Launcher Icon.
  • Question - How large should the swap partition be.
    • Answer - Most experts say the partition should be 2X the size of RAM in your system.
  • Question - Where is desktop computing going in the future.
    • Answer - Many companies expect computing to be "Cloud Computing" in the future.
    • Google is setting a good example for how this will be implemented. Most users will use
    • some sort of small low cost computer and access huge databases on huge servers.