Board of Directors

The League was founded in 1920 and is a non-partisan organization that works to encourage participation of citizens in their government.

Executive Board: 2016-2017

President: Mary Boschult (2017) ; Voter Services Chair
President-Elect: office open
Secretary: Peggy Struwe (2017),  Web Site
Treasurer: Sue Howe (2018)

Elected Directors:
Karen Dienstbier (2017); Lunch & Learn Chair
Nancy Comer (2017)
Kate High (2017) 
Sheryl Wright (2017);
Membership Chair
Jim Johnson (2018); Voter Editor 
Kris Brennan (2018)
Sandy Blankenship

LWVLL Education Fund Trustees:
Amy Birky (2018)
Jan Gauger (2017)
Ann Sherer Simpson (2017)
Shirley Maly (2018)
Pat Cole (2018); Ed Fund Trustee Chair

Off-Board Position:
Maura Kelly Tolzin, Yearbook Editor

Nominating Committee for next year:
Martha Hunter
Ann Wahl - Chair
Maura Kelly
Two members will be appointed from the board of directors by the board.

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