iPod Information

This is the place to go for information about using iPods in your classroom.
Click on the link called "Cart Rules" under attachements to read some important information about the iPods.
Helpful Information
(in the form of web links)
Here is the link to Apple's itunes University.  This site is a little difficult to get used to but allows you to access some of the free podcasts that Apple has available.
This is a great resource for information about iPods.  It has helpful ideas on how to use the iPods with your classes.  It also has some suggestions for educational apps to use with your classes.
Another good resource for all things iPod, lesson plans, ideas, etc.(especially the article about using iPods to increase reading comprehension)
This site has some good links for ideas and lesson plans.
This is a blog, a weblog of a pilot program introducing iPods into the classroom. 
A listing of apps, divided by topic.
A whole magazine devoted to 21st century learning skills and iPods.
cara ann buckley,
May 26, 2011, 7:02 AM