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We now accept credit card payments in office and by phone. You can also make payments online by going to the link below.  

 Each year, Lincoln PSD provides its customers with an Annual Water Quality Report to let them know how our water quality stacks against established federal and state drinking water standers.

If you are a customer of ours we encourage you to review this report as it provides details about the source and quality of the drinking water delivered to you in 2016.

Board Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month starting at 4:00pm.

Lincoln County PSD- Rt. 3 pwsid #3302207 is a new surface water purchase system that went on line April 1, 2011. Finished water is supplied from West Virginia American Water-

Kanawha Valley plant located on Elk River and is feed through a master meter located at the mouth of Meadow Branch near Hamlin, WV. the system preforms

no additional treatment, has no finished water storage, and operates no booster pumping stations. The system consists entirely of distribution system piping that

has nearly twenty six (26) miles of mains that runs generally from the intersection of Rt. 34 and Rt. 3, eastward to Sumerco along Rt. 214 and near Snowden along Rt. 3 \. a population of approximately 1,100 is served by this new system.

The Lincoln PSD PWSID# 3302205 water treatment plant has been in opration since 1963 and is located by the Coal River, along County Route 13/1, approximately 1 mile south of State Route 214, in south western Kanawha County. Raw water is supplied from the Coal River, adjacent to the treatment facility. The plant currently treats approximately three hundred fifty thousand (350,000) gallons per day at a rate of approximately four hundred eighty six (486) gallons per minute while operating twelve (12) hours per day. The plant supplies, through a distribution system of nearly seventy (70) miles of mains, a total population of nearly four thousand nine hundred (4,900). Finished water storage capacity in the system is calculated to be six hundred thirty five thousand seven hundred (635,700) gallons in six

(6) steel tanks and in the plant's clear-well. Storage tank water levels are controlled by the operators, using telemetered pressure signals. There are currently two (2) raw water pumps and three (3) high service pumps in service. The distribution system has four (4) booster stations supplying water to the finished water storage tanks. The system also has a hydro pneumatic tank/booster station that services one small area.




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