Welcome to Linchpin Communication Skills Training.

Welcome to communications grad school. 
Linchpin Learning is a very different communications effectiveness training resource started by two graduate school professors who view communication as a strategic element for getting more things done. Linchpin's clients and course participants rave about how Linchpin's unique approach, coursework, resources, and powerful reinforcement ideas helps them learn more and do more.

A unique, integrated approach to 
              communicating for action.

Good communication makes good things happen. Study after study shows that better communication between colleagues, between teams, between organizations and clients results in increased revenue, lower costs, increased productivity, and lower do-over and turnover.

What people say: We've been fortunate enough to have some good people say some good things about the results of Linchpin's teachers, courses and materials. Here are a few recommendations.

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The 50 Essential
                       C o m m u n i c a t i o n   S k i l l s


Over ten years of teaching graduate school, four years of executive education programs, and three years of researching what organizations feel are the most critical skills have helped us create the essential materials and courses that will help your people:
  • Listen for understanding
  • Write for impact
  • Meet effectively
  • Present powerfully
  • Communicate for action               Check them out

Get more things done:
 Research tells us that there's a clear connection between communication and productivity.

Linchpin's graduate-level course design is tailored to help people know their audiences, focus on the right messages, and deliver their messages effectively: whether they're writing an email, making a bet-the-business presentation, or anything in-between.

How important is that? You probably have a good idea already, but here's some real data on just how much communication mistakes can cost.