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Why Linchpin Is Unique

We are teachers, not trainers. We work hard to help people learn, and learn in a way that is engaging, memorable, actionable, and perhaps most important, embraceable.

Our mini-courses are not seminars, nor are they typical training courses, or self-paced corporate university courses. They are the distillation of the communication, leadership, and creativity concepts, content, and exercises we teach graduate-level students at one of the world's most respected universities. Our students come from all over the world, many already have at least one advanced degree, most already have significant work experience, and all have felt that their communication skills, however advanced, could be improved.

We founded our company because an increasing amount of stories - in everything from the New York Times to Strategy + Business magazine - detail how business, government, and other organizations are challenging business schools to teach more "soft skills" - especially communications skills.

We are not in the "seminar and program industry." We do not offer "public programs;" we come to you and deliver the course on-site or via distance learning to your executives and workforce. While we are also educators, our experience is in the real world of business, marketing, and communications. This keeps us squarely focused on the most practical areas of communications: the ones that cause action, the ones that help you to increase productivity, decrease costs, and increase revenue.