In 2006, two graduate school professors at Carnegie Mellon University were asked to design a curriculum of communications courses specifically-tailored to the needs of a Fortune 500 company that was active in almost every industry.

The courses were to encompass verbal communication, written communication, and leadership.

The professors based their curriculum on an intense study of existing research, and an ongoing program of primary research to determine the skills that organizations felt were most needed and most lacking in their people, and the skills that their people felt needed the most improvement. Then they added a critical component: they linked communication to productivity.

After the first class ended, the twenty participants -- all senior business professionals with years of experience, many with advanced degrees -- applauded, several saying that they had never had a course of such value. Almost all said that they had never been in a course quite like it.

So the professors further developed their curriculum and support materials, delivered more courses, and gave the effort a name. Linchpin Learning was the result.

That first organization is still a valued client. And over 1,500 other professionals of every type and experience level have now gone through Linchpin coursework.

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