Linchpin Research

Everything we do is based on research and field experience. Whether it's the 50 Essentials, the 50-Second fixes, or the exercises we do in the workshops, we approach it the same way we approach our university teaching: by being evidence-based. For this reason we consume, aggregate and produce a lot of research, much of it available on our Downloads page under our continually-expanding "Research Brief" titles. We also maintain the ongoing Linchpin QuickPoll, where every month we take the temperature of organizations and their communication issues.

You can help us with our continuing research, and we'll show our appreciation by doing something in return: we'll give you a free, high-value Linchpin communications workshop, or access to The Linchpin Channel for up to 20 of your "linchpin" people, and a discount on the many resources we have in The Linchpin Store. Please contact us for more details.

And, as a special bonus for being professors, we get to do our own research that we share with you (and the rest of the world, but still...). Chris Labash gave a talk at the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association on "Where Communication Goes Wrong."  We've posted the powerpoint in the "Attachments," below.

Linchpin Learning,
Oct 4, 2010, 2:06 PM