The Free Offer

You help us and we'll (gladly) help you. For free.

We continually research communication and how it relates to workforce effectiveness. And if you'll help us, by allowing us to collect anonymized information through surveys and a modest number of interviews, we'll show our appreciation by doing something in return: we'll give you a free, high-value Linchpin Workshop, or access to The Linchpin Channel videos for up to 20 of your "linchpin" people, or a discount on the many resources we have available in The Linchpin Store.

Here's how it works: You give us email access to a statistically valid cross-section of your group, division, or organization so that we can collect their responses to a brief survey. We'll also want to do a small number of short individual interviews with some key people. In return, we'll give you a choice of Linchpin workshops that we can either conduct on site or via the web or, if you prefer, access to The Linchpin Channel as stated above. What could be easier? Or potentially more valuable?