What people say...

People say nice things about Linchpin's founders, both in their roles at Linchpin, and as professors at Carnegie Mellon University. Below are some comments specific to Linchpin, and here are some other comments about professors Ed Barr and Chris Labash.

Participants also say nice things about Linchpin courses. Because they respond to an anonymous post-course survey (so that they'll be brutally honest) we don't have their actual names but we do have their actual feedback. 

Professor Ed Barr is one of our most sought after external instructors for Cognizant Academy. As the head of Academy, I wanted to make sure we bring world-class training programs and faculty to our associates and Ed Barr is one such world-class member we have been able to tap into for our “Business Writing” course. Ed is a true partner who understands our dynamic business environment and diverse culture and has customized and delivered the program in a true blended learning approach.
--Vidhyu Rao, Cognizant Academy
The quality and tenor of the feedback was superb. Not a single individual felt lesser of their performance as a result of the feedback.
-- Course Participant, Canada

Valuable and relevant on a daily basis. I've taken a lot of training courses most of which are not immediately useful -- this one is!
--Course participant, Canada

I learned a few techniques that I could apply right away.
-- Course Participant, Netherlands

I learnt a lot during the program and it did invoke a substantial interest in understanding and learning more...
-- Course Participant, Second Life