A merger starts to unravel. The CEO resigns unexpectedly. A product recall becomes immediately necessary. Evidence of financial impropriety from a key executive starts swirling on the web. There are crises of all kinds just waiting for any given executive, on any given day, in any given industry. How effectively you deal with crisis is largely influenced by how well that you can communicate, internally and externally, during one. CrisisLab was developed to help key executives learn key skills and be confident of their ability to apply them when the time comes. Because at the executive level, everything has the potential to become a crisis. And there’s no such thing as a small crisis.

CrisisLab is Linchpin's response to a specific request from a client who wanted a "no lectures, no classroom, no ordinary training day" solution for executives who need to communicate quickly, intelligently, and effectively while in the midst of a crisis. It's an offering unlike any other: extensive academic and business research was used to identify the necessary competencies, and it will test your next generation leaders and give them the knowledge and tools they need to deal with crises of all kinds.

CrisisLab divides participants into two teams who have conflicting aims. One team, for example, is charged with facilitating a smooth transition in the wake of a merger. The other team resists every effort, as they represent the company being (forcefully) merged. There is resentment, anxiety, confusion, and impatience on both sides, and unexpected twists that occur frequently throughout the CrisisLab. Just like in real life. Extensive use of video capture, social media, group discussion and ongoing commentary and critique by Linchpin's founders give CrisisLab an energy and intimacy that keep participants engaged, focused, and on their toes.

CrisisLab is structured as a one- or two-day simulation and is tailored to your organization. We discuss with you in advance the structure and desired outcomes of the Lab, and then build the simulation around an agreed-upon brief and planning document. The result is a learning experience that your current and next-generation leaders will incorporate into the rest of their careers.

It's a short road from crisis to disaster. The best organizations routinely do disaster planning, crisis planning, and are prepared for disaster recovery. CrisisLab prepares your organization for crisis recovery.

Please contact us to find out more about CrisisLab. Download the CrisisLab Program Sheet below. And check out Linchpin's other courses and workshops that support and augment the information presented in CrisisLab, and ensure that the entire organization's communication, teamwork, and leadership skills are excellent internally and externally.

By the way, a note on the Mandarin "weiji" character we use as a logo for CrisisLab: It doesn't mean "danger + opportunity" as most business and media pundits would have you believe. While it merits a rather long and complicated explanation, please know (and pass along the knowledge) that it just means "crisis" as is traditionally defined by Merriam Webster and others (generally meaning: a really bad time). For a full, detailed, and engaging explanation of the roots, use, and misperceptions about the character (and it's a character, not an ideogram) see the excellent essay by Sinologist Victor Mair, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

Linchpin Learning,
Apr 5, 2011, 5:29 PM