We read, review, and recommend tons of books, videos, and other material, and have highlighted just a handful of them here. The nice thing for you is that this isn't just some random list, but a list of things that we've actually read, seen, listened to, or used, and that we can recommend (and, presumably, that you can use) with confidence.

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How to Run a Meeting Jay, Anthony Meetings The best thing you will read on meeting leadership. 
The Brand You 50 Peters, Tom Presence Sage advice from the guy who invented the idea of the "personal brand." 
7-Slide Solution Kelly, Paul Presentation Not a great book, but an interesting idea to build upon. 
Clear & to the Point Kosslyn, Stephen Presentation Excellent book on how to make your presentations way better. 
Presentation Zen Reynolds, Garr Presentation One of the best and most elegant books on presentations 
Visual Display of Quantitative Information Tufte, Edward Presentation All of Tufte's books are excellent. This is the classic on how to do what its title says. 
What's Your Point? Boylan, Bob Presentation Wonderful little book on preparing, producing, & presenting. 
Blink Gladwell, Malcom Speaking Proof that first impressions matter. And what to do about it. 
Confessions of a Public Speaker Berkun, Scott Speaking All of Scott's books are great. This is his most entertaining, with some great advice for speakers, too. 
Credibility Kouzes & Posner Speaking How to get it, keep it, and use it. 
Made to Stick Heath, Dan & Chip Speaking Great book on how ideas take root. Or not. 
Moments of Truth Carlzon, Jan Speaking The idea explained by the man who named it. 
The Speed of Trust Covey, Stephen M. R. Speaking As he says, the one thing that changes everything. He clearly and engagingly explains how. 
Back of the Napkin Roam, Dan Thinking skills Thinking (and presenting) as a visual activity. 
Six Action Shoes de Bono, Edward Thinking skills Hard-to-find companion to Six Thinking Hats. They make a nice couple. 
Six Thinking Hats de Bono, Edward Thinking skills One of the best books on creative thinking by one of the best creative thinkers. 
Thinkertoys Michalko, Michael Thinking skills 30 techniques for creative thinking. Great book. 
Elements of Style Strunk & White Writing The classic on mechanics, usage, everything. Buy this. 
Send Shipley, David Writing We love this little book on writing better email. 
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