Learning Programs

To help people acquire the most relevant skills in a more structured manner, we've created two learning programs that preview, present, and allow the practice of a new skill on a regular basis.

Monthly Master Program

Every month we introduce a new essential skill by previewing it with a short survey and assessment, then presenting the skill in the physical or virtual classroom, supporting the skill with a case study and our full range of support materials, and then assessing the skill again.

We precede each monthly skill with a creative "tune-in" email to keep interest high, and keep participants engaged.

The program is designed as a 12-month program, with the final months' activity being a total skills assessment.

Cost for the Monthly Master Program is $395 per participant, per month.

Core Skills Program

The Core Skills Program is similar to the Monthly Master Program but focuses on three core skills, presenting one a month for three months.

Following the same protocol as the Monthly Master Program, the Core Skills Program is comprised of a verbal skills class, a writing skills class, and your choice of either a leadership class or innovative thinking class.

Cost for the Core Skills Program is $350 per participant, per month.