50-Second Fixes

You have a communications problem, we have a fix. For every situation: one-to-one, email, meetings, presentations, you name it. Linchpin's "50-Second Fixes" is a unique approach to helping you and your people overcome the communication bad habits that create problems, impede productivity, and stand in the way of success.

We take the most common problems that keep coming up in our research, or problems that people have brought to our attention in our classes, via email, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn -- you get the idea -- and give you about 100 words that will help you fix it. And as is the case with most problems, if it's affecting one person, it's probably also affecting a whole lot more. You can get our 50-Second Fixes in a few different ways:

Look at our Communication Tips. Some of our Communication Tips expand on the 50-Second Fixes or link to other good things that are on our personal or Carnegie Mellon course websites.

Sign up for The Linchpin Letter. One quick tip a month every month. Who wouldn't want that?

Download past issues of The Linchpin Letter. See what you missed and download it from here.

Watch The Linchpin Channel. We don't have them all on The Linchpin Channel yet, but we put up more 50-second Fixes all the time.

Follow us on Twitter. Get a new 50-Second Fix every week. You get a tweet on Monday with the fix, a "how's it going" to remind you on Wednesday, and a review on Friday. And when you tweet back or retweet, you share good communication habits with the whole world. Or at least, a lot of people.

Also, share. Sign in below with your Google ID, go to "The Fixes" page, and either share a problem or a fix in the "Comments" field.

And don't just stop with a 50-Second Fix. Get the real value and full benefit of using communications as a productivity tool with one of our courses or workshops.

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