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Solar access and overshadowing

Assessing mandated minimum solar access and maximum acceptable overshadowing in residential developments should be simple.  Apparently it's not. 

Steve King is Sydney's leading independent consultant to local councils, architects and town planners in assessment of compliance with solar access and overshadowing controls for residential developments.  In projects where the numerical rules of thumb for solar access cannot be met due to site constraints, we are often called in by applicants to advise on appropriate analysis and interpretation - to properly explain how a scheme meets the underlying performance requirements of the applicable codes.  Almost as often, we are recommended by lawyers as the experts of last resort, where the applicant's own documentation of likely performance is inadequate to properly interpret the design.

We provide advice at pre-design and pre-DA stages on projects, and expert opinion supporting development applications.  For local government authorities we provide independent assessment advice for determination of applications.  Unfortunately, too much of our work is still in the Land and Environment Court.