LINARCH design

Natural ventilation

Effective natural ventilation is one of the most useful strategies to achieve energy efficiency in a temperate climate.  Not surprisingly, it has been built into recent codes for residential design.

The problem is, few designers and Council planners do more than try to apply the relevant rules of thumb recommending minimum cross-ventilation arrangements.  Even fewer understand much about how ventilation actually works.

Steve King assesses natural ventilation performance from its basis in first principles, including proper site analysis and classification of climate variables from detailed Bureau of Meterology data, climate responsive design strategies, and a firm understanding of the likely response of complex facade designs to available breezes.  Where relevant, we work with one of Sydney's leading wind engineering consultancies to produce sophisticated CFD models and visualisations.  We do not provide 'hired gun' stack effect ventilation predictions, because, frankly, most of that stuff is nonsense.