Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between the body and the outside world. I draw from the bridge between sensory perception and space, the gaze and exoticism, and a feminist perspective. I am interested in the body as a map where culture, gender and nature convene in sinew, muscle and bone. We see our bodies as our nature and our mind as higher function yet the mind and body are inextricable. We were not exiled from the womb of Eden, we must see ourselves as a part of the greater functioning ecosystem- anuses and all. In my work I hope to challenge the gaze and colonial perspective. I have traveled through the Americas and studied the effects of colonial culture on women and indigenous populations in Mexico and in Chile. The landscape of mother earth may be seen as a body. We live in colonized bodies adhering to rigorous social order. We adorn them to assert ourselves and our gender, reflecting the norms of the culture of our times. Physically our bodies act as reservoirs for toxins and are being changed by our food systems as monoculture harms our landscapes. In my practice I search for holistic healing. I am inspired by Milan Kundera and Kitsch, Latin American Boom novelists, Native American Art,  African Art, Marina Ambromovic, Pipilotti Rist and Eva Mendieta.  


Education: Bachelor in Fine Arts Ceramics and Drawing,  Bachelor in Spanish from the University of Montana


3rd place Undergrad award, Awarded by Jay Scmidt, Honorable Mention by Art Criticism 2001.

19th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Gallery of Visual Arts, University of Montana. October 2014. Bookstore Award. 29th Annual UMECA Holiday Show.  The Off Center Gallery, University of Montana, Missoula MT 59801.

"Form is". A Solo Exhibition of mixed media paintings on panel. June 6th-July4, 2014. Butterfly Herbs, Missoula MT.

“Rebirth”. A group Exhibition. April 2015-May 2015. E3 Convergence Gallery, Missoula MT.