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Goals and Objectives

Objectives of the Program

Be safe

Feel secure

Receive individual attention and affection

Develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults

Develop self-discipline

Experience successes in order to develop a positive self-image

Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others

Develop intellectual and physical skills

The Goals of the Program

Value each child as an individual

Provide opportunities for children to gain confidence and a healthy self-concept

Understand and meet the developmental needs of each child socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually

Foster an excitement about school and learning

Encourage children to become active participants in their learning through experience and exploration of hands-on materials

Teach problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution

Encourage creativity as inspired by varied child-centered approaches

Provide a positive, prepared environment in which each child can develop to his or her fullest potential

Encourage parental involvement through a variety of activities and communications

Encourage in children and acceptance of others through the establishment of a classroom community

Increase an awareness of the outside community and to provide opportunities for involvement

Utilize the community services and resources available to further enrich our program

Continually develop teacher expertise by observation, research, and professional development opportunities