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ABC motivates students to understand the basic number concepts. It has some other activities: comparing and classifying, patterning, Counting, Ordinal numbers and etc. The concept is that students learn and play at a same time.


Illumination has many lesson plans for math activities. The lessons capture students’ interest, review the previous lessons and analyze the students’ prior knowledge. The focus is to enhance student’s attention span towards learning.

Guess a Number

Funbrain is an educational games site for children of all ages. The focus is to learn while playing.


BrainPOP is an animated educational site for kids to learn about body, space, science and health. It has all the subjects: Math, Social Studies, English and Science. It has Science Games, Math Games and health Games. Students can have their home work questions answered with movies and games. Or they can ask for advice or they can just grows and have fun with learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website features thousand of educational resources. This website host videos via youtube and contains many other features like: practice exercise, teacher can progress tracking and variety of other tools for teachers. Students can watch the videos and practice with teachers in the classroom to improve their understanding of concepts. Students can also practice at home, not only that but also move forward by watching other videos.


Edmodo provides a safe and easy way to connect, collaborate, share content, access homework, grades and school notices for the class. The concept is to get students excited about learning and also be connected in a safe and secure environment.


Starfall is a free website that teaches children how to read with phonics in a form of phonics games and online interactive books. It is an educational supplement to the curriculum of language art. They motivate students to learn through imagination.