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This little project is what really got me excited in engineering way back in High School. Two other students and I decided to build a computer cooling system that fit in 2 cd-rom slots and cooled the air entering the case.

We started the project be making our own heatsinks, out of aluminum bricks and copper wire. The copper is press fit then thermal appoxied into the holes.

When stacked with the peltier junctions you have what we aptly named "the brick".

In the arrangement above the junctions are pulling heat from the center bars to the outer ones. The middle gets frosty and the outside will burn you. From there we had to design ducting to get the cold air in and the hot air out.

With ready access to a laser printer and an acrylic bender, obnoxiously orange plastic was the way to go.


Here you can see the molex connector for running 5 volts to the front fans and 12 volts to the 80mm fan and the peltier junctions. The two switches on the front are for the fans and the peltiers respectively. The whole unit is wrapped in sheet steel and then carefully crammed into two 5.25in drive bays.

The case we used for testing a giant Chieftek server case. With air leaks all over it. We did actually see a drop of 5 degrees C at the mobo sensor. With a more appropriately sized case I could definitely see this project showing some really good numbers.

The original powerpoint we wrote up for the project. (we were so young)