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Buld Fishbowl Design

A quick google search will bring you this far: http://www.teamdroid.com/diy-hollow-out-a-light-bulb/

Hollowing a light bulb is pretty easy just make sure not to cut yourself. Go slow and you wont waste a perfectly good repurposed bulb.

Here you can see the hollowed out light bulb filled with fishbowl rocks. This was step one, after this was done...I still had lots of winter break left. So I continued.

I had one of these desk lamps lying around ("found" in my brothers room), that looked perfect for the job. The bell end of the lamp had to be cut off (more like quickly butchered off) to make room for the oddly sized light bulb, but other than that it was perfect.

(notice the butchering)

Worried about the little fish's cramped space and short air supply I decided to run an air tube to the bottom of the bulb to aerate the water.

After pushing through the drilled hole in the back of the socket the tubing follows the path of the old wiring out to an aquarium pump.

The first test with a filled bulb was....horrifying. Apparently the pump is made for a much larger fishbowl (go figure). When I turned on the pump, bubbles violently filled the bulb with foam, and nearly all the water ended up on the basement floor. A knot in the tubing. It worked wonders, I wish I had a picture of the overly simplistic approach, but camera batteries only last so long.