LimeWire: Free, no charge downloads

Download limewire free: free limewire music downloads, and free limewire software downloading.

Where can you download limewire for free?

Download the latest version of limewire from any of these trusted links below:

  • From the official LimeWire site:
    • Windows LimeWire Free Download: As a Microsoft Windows LimeWire user you have two options available to you if you want to download limewire for free: There's an Online LimeWire Installer which is recommended by the official limewire website support staff, plus an excellent Offline LimeWire Installer also available for free download immediately.
    • Mac LimeWire Free Download: Running Mac OSX and wanting to download limewire for free? Now you can! LimeWire works on Apple Computers now so you can go ahead and download your free LimeWire Apple/Mac OSX Installer.
    • Linux LimeWire Free Download: One of the greatest open source operating systems available in my opinion. Linux is now enabled to run and download free LimeWire applications with great ease. Simply download the official free LimeWire Linux Installer package and you'll be well on your way to free limewire software downloads.
    • Mac Classic LimeWire Free Download: Download limewire for your original Mac Classic Computer with this official limewire download link. How glad are you that the good people at LimeWire haven't forgot about you! We hope you enjoy this excellent high speed free limewire download link.
    • LimeWire for Solaris, OS/2, and Linux LimeWire Free Download: Ah the forgotten few... old versions of LimeWire are available to be run on Solaris, OS/2 and Linux Operating Systems, you can find them all in one convenient WinZip file from this official limewire download link.
  • If you're having any difficulties downloading the free limewire for free from the official download site, you might want to try's latest version of free LimeWire.

Downloading limewire free can be a difficult task for those of you unfamiliar with the real limewire company and website.

There are a number of fake "limewire" websites out there simply trying to get your money and respect by charging a couple of dollars (sometimes not even) per month.

The best place to download limewire for free is off the limewire file search engine itself.

Every time a new version of limewire is put out (For example limewire 4.8, limewire 4.9, limewire 4.10, and limewire 4.12. you can find it here. So please, bookmark this page now by pressing Ctrl+D

LimeWire Pro: What's so great about limewire professional?

  • Fast File Downloads: With limewire pro you'll receive faster downloads than ever before. With access to more connections, you'll have a greater audience to choose from thus receiving faster downloads.
  • Absolutely NO Bundled Software: Too old to play piggyback? Maybe having big corporations install spyware and trojans on your home computer's just not your cup of tea? Either way, limewire pro comes with no extra software bundled into it. You'll enjoy yourself more and make more of your time with a faster running computer because of it.
  • LimeWire Pro is Mac & PC Compatible: What does that mean? Basically that you can use limewire pro on an Apple Computer or an IBM Compatible Computer with ease. Downloading free software and free music files using limewire pro from your Mac or PC Compatible computer is now a breeze with limewire professional. LimeWire Pro runs on Linux as well!
  • Ability to Play Music and Video Files within LimeWire: This is one of my favorite options. You can now get rid of that bulky WMP and make your computer run even faster! All with the help of the free limewire program.
  • More great reasons to download limewire pro to come!

What are the minimum download requirements to run LimeWire?

In order to properly run limewire on your computer you're going to need to meet at least the following two requirements:

  • To be running one of the following operating systems:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows 1998
    • Windows NT
    • Windows 1995
    • Mac OSX 10.2.6
    • Mac Classic 8.1 or later
    • Linux, Unix or Solaris
  • To have at least 64 megabytes of RAM installed on your computer.

Follow those two minimum requirements and you should be running limewire free on your computer in no time.