Friday the 12th of May 2017
Grant High School

2017 Scratch Competition Results

The winning entry was from Millicent 

Competition entry by Harry, Clayton and Charlie. 

Second place went to Yahl with the below entry

Third place went to students from MacDonald Park Primary school with the below entry

I would also like to thank our sponsors; the University of South Australia and Google whom without the competition would not be possible. 

Grant High School want to sow the seeds that tackle the hard stuff like Computer Science can be fun and worth doing.
We are promoting this activity for Year 6/7 teachers and their students. The training day is designed to provide teachers with the skills required to take a team of three students back to their school and integrate programming skills (Digital Technologies) into their curriculum in a fun and exciting way.
This is a good opportunity to select students who need extending or who could benefit from team/leadership skill development. All teams are to have at least one student from each gender.


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