The Limesat Ultra PVR is the newest thing in Free To Air receiver. Take command of the best television viewing experience you can have. The most versatile and unique Free To Air satellite receiver to hit the satellite industry in a long time. Easy to operate and user friendly like no other receiver. Our company is working very diligently to come up with new designs and satellite receivers which meet the current demand of the FTA community. Our clients are our main priority and not the opposite. The Limesat Ultra is a true satellite receiver which will change the industry as we know it.

Some Hardware Features:

* Universal Remote (Including FTA boxes)
* USB 2.0
* Ethernet Port
* Network Updates
* RGB Component Video Output
* RCA Composite Video Output
* S-VIDEO Output
* SPDIF Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
* DiSEqC Control Versions 1.0, 1.2 and USALS

Some Software features:

* Channel logos in EPG
* Ultra-Fast Advanced EEPG
* Auto TP Update
* Theme Sort
* Channel Search
* Channel Auto Tune
* PVR Scheduling
* USB PVR w/ Time shift
* Parental Control
* Fast Multi-Satellite Search
* Multi-Channel Recall function
* SID, Alphabetical and TP sort


* MPEG-2 & Fully DVB Compliant
* PLL RF-Modulator UHF 21~69 with PAL B/G,I,D/K
* Multi LNB Control by DiSEqC 1.0,1.2,1.3(USALS)
* SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C / Ku-Band Satellites
* Digital Tuner with Loop-Through
* PAL/NTSC Conversion
* Variable Aspect Ratio (4:3,16:9) for TV
* 4-digi 7-segment LED Display
* RS232 Port for Updating software and Additional Information
* User Friendly OSD Menu with Full Function
* Network Search
* 256 Colors Graphic User Interface
* Multi Language Menu (English / Italian / French / Spanish / Germany /
* Turkish / Arabic / Russian / Persian)
* 7-Days EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for On-Screen Channel Information
* PIG,Small Screen Picture on EPG
* Super fast 800 pages OSD Teletext Supported and VBI Teletext Inserted
* 7 Favorite Group and Parent Lock Function
* 100 Satellites, 6000 Channels and 4000 transponders
* Update Via SDX (
* ZOOM and Multi TImer function
* 6 Kind of Sort function for Channels
* USB2.0 Supported,View JPEG/PDF; Play Movie/MP3; PVR; Time shift
* Download SW via USB

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