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The Lima PTA is committed to providing fun, educational programs for our students. Students enjoy activities such as Roller Skating, Author Visits, Adventure Day, Wee Deliver, Paw-Print Publishing, Senior Citizen Day (to name a few), which are made possible with the money raised by the PTA. It is our goal to provide enjoyable and meaningful ways to raise money. Listed below are our fundraising events...

Fall Fundraisers:

Book Fair
The Book Fair is a great way to satisfy your child's hunger for reading, while supporting the Lima PTA. The book fair is held in the Lima cafeteria from Monday - Thursday, where the children have an opportunity to preview books during the school day. 
Volunteers Needed: To assist children in previewing books during the day (writing titles down) and cashing out books during Open House night. 
Contact: Jen McDougal (jenmcd@rochester.rr.com)
(The Book Fair in the Spring is NOT a fundraiser)

Healthy Sisters and Bean Works Fundraiser
Lima PTA sells products such as organic soups and mixes from Healthy Sisters Soup and Bean Works.  We benefit from the sale as we make 25% of what we sell and they benefit, as the money they receive supports women who are trying to live and survive on their own or gain skills to have a career or raise children.
Volunteers needed; We need 8 volunteers to help sort out orders the Mon/Tues prior to Thanksgiving break.

Winter Fundraiser:

Square One Art
Date: February & March
Square One Art is a family-friendly fundraiser that helps preserve your child's artwork. How does it work? Your child creates an original masterpiece in Art class. With the help of the Art Teacher and volunteers, the artwork gets sent to the Square One Art company. You will receive an example of your child's artwork, with an opportunity to buy a wide variety of products displaying your child's artwork! The personalized products make wonderful gifts, and you can feel great knowing that our PTA will receive 33% of the profits. 
Volunteers Needed: Assist Art Teacher in February, assist with organizing and counting orders, and help distribute finished art products to the classrooms in March. 

Spring Fundraiser:

Bike, Trike, Hike
Date: Late Spring
Whether you choose to ride your bike, tricycle, or just hike the path, this is a great way to get the family outside for some fresh air and a ton
of fun! Last year students enjoyed decorating their bikes, doing arts and crafts, and going on a nature scavenger hunt. Registration for the
event takes place in the spring. Registered participants will receive a free T-Shirt, water and a healthy snack. The Bike, Trike, Hike is held on
the Lehigh Valley Trail, which is a safe way for children to ride without crossing any roads.
Volunteers Needed: Volunteers needed to help with registration, set up the day of the event, organize arts and crafts, ride/walk the pathwayto help monitor riders/walkers, and clean-up at the end of the event.

Lisa Smith,
Oct 1, 2009, 10:44 AM