Loan Application/Processing Fee: 

**$20 Loan Application/Processing Fee. Can be paid up front or deducted from your loan proceeds.

Loan Amount:

**All new customers start at $150 and based on past credit history with LF & proven repayment ability, customers may loan up to 5 times simultaneously.  Each loan request of $200 or fraction thereof will be assessed a Loan Application/Processing fee of $20.00. 

Payback period:

**We require all customers to make 2 separate payments on their loans, the first payment is due on your upcoming pay day (½ of the total amount borrowed), while the final payment (the other ½) will be due on the pay day immediately thereafter.

           Optional:  Under certain circumstances, we may approve an extended payback period of one extra pay period to payoff a loan.  Our “loan extension fee” is $15.00 and must be paid by cash up front.

 Check Cashing:

For your convenience, we offer check cashing services for a $3.00 fee.