An autobiography 2016: no longer available.

Complying with Anna's wishes, I take up my pen to write my memoirs. I have no thing great to recount, and can but fill my paper with incidents of minor importance.

Note 04 28 2017 When I began in 1993 to study Henri Rochat I used the Berney translation of Li'l Swiss Gran'pap. For unknown reasons Lilian Berney Cornelius used fictitious names for Jules & George. Jules was "Adolphe" m. Julie; George was Edmond m. Isabelle.

Jules Louis Rochat 1832 m Marie Jeanette Mouquin

Georges Louis Rochat 1834 m Emily


After I ordered birth records for David Henri Rochat's family, I confirmed the true names, Jules & George.

From the Berney book, this is the genealogy I pieced together.

Pierre Moise --Simeon, Abram Isaac, Marianne

Simeon- David Henri, Louis, George

Marianne David in Geneva b. abt 1790 (50yo in 1847)

David Henri- Henri Louis Abram Isaac b May 17, 1828, Louis, Adolphe m. Julie, Edmond b. May 30, 1833 m Isabelle

Often if a religious or spiritual word was used, Lilian changed the meaning.

Other family members mentioned in LSG. Page # refer to Berney book: p. 16 Cousin Marie

p. 61 Francois Bubloz, friend Henri Rochat