Xmas Gift Idea


Wine Cork Ornaments

For Personal use only 2010. Courtesy of Lilianna Grace @ Lavender Clouds Blog


               Things You'll Need:
  • Drill (I used a mini hand drill from Micheal's, used for wood)
  • package of 9mm split rings (found in jewelry making section of Michael's Arts and Crafts store)
  • Small decorative jewelry with loop ring (I used key charms also from the jewelry making section)
  • Buttons with holes
  • Thin, holiday-colored cord ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Fast-acting adhesive (Alene's multi-purpose glue)
  • Wine Corks (I used actual cork, not the synthetic)


Drill a lengthwise hole through the center of a cork using a small bit drill.
Cut a piece of cord ribbon 12-18 inches in length.
Slide your split ring onto the loop that is attached to the jewelry. Like adding a key ring.
Slide on your decorative jewelry piece as you would a necklace onto your cut piece of cord ribbon.
Thread each end of the cord through its own button hole.
Thread both ends of cord through the hole in the cork.
Add a dot of glue to the button and pull the cord all the way through until it is in direct contact with the cork.
Thread a button or two onto the top of the cork. Glue them in place. Make a knot directly on top of the button.
Add another knot in the cord ribbon an inch or two up, leaving enough of a loop so the ornament can be placed on a tree or gift.

Cut any excess ribbon that is located above the knot.