What LYO does

Youth empowerment

  • Sponsored secondary school education for orphans and vulnerable youths
  • Youth leadership programs for 10 to 29 year old youths
  • Community library to keep young people busy with educational rather than destructive activity

 HIV/AIDS awareness and support

  • Sensitisation campaigns to promote a community of tolerance to people living with HIV/AIDS and care givers
  • HIV/AIDS awareness training to promote behaviour change among youths as one way of preventing the spread of HIV AIDS
  • Anti-HIV clubs in primary schools
  • Feeding for people living with HIV

Adult literacy program

  • Established an adult illiteracy school aiming at providing free education to illiterate women and men

Human rights and gender training

  • Anti-violence against women campaign
  • Children's rights campaign
  • Establishment of victim support units in villages

Food security

  • Community child care centre to reduce cases of malnutrition by providing malnourished children with vital meal porridge
  • Provision of nutritious food to people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Sensitisation campaigns to teach sustainable farming methods
  • LYO’s own farm, producing crops to support the feeding program and generate income

Environmental rehabilitation

  •  Planting new trees in deforested areas

Malawian culture preservation

  • Ingoma dance, poem recitals, drama