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For those of you that haven't been paying much attention to the current economic condition in Malawi you might be surprised to hear of it's recent transition of power. In April 2012, Joyce Banda of the Peoples Party attained power after the sudden death of her predecessor, Bingu Mutharika. Because of some poor economic policies enacted by Mutharika, Banda was forced to stop those policies and as a result sent Malawi into a - hopefully short term - nose dive.

Over the past four months the Malawian Kwacha has been devalued by 49% and inflation is soaring at 21%. This along with rising costs of basic necessities is making life around Malawi and life at the Lilongwe Youth Organisation very difficult. 

Your donation would go towards making investments in our teaching staff and to provide the Organisation with the basic material to allow our students to receive the best quality education possible.

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Your donation will greatly assist LYO to continue providing vital services to the community.  LYO currently operates without any donor support. Your donation will assist us to keep going. 

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LYO always welcomes the support of dedicated volunteers who are willing to provide their time to support our community. 

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