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Get to Know Some of the Staff & Students

The Lilongwe Youth Organisation is home to some of Lilongwe's most misrepresented. Through my time spent with the LYO I have come to realize that the potential Staff and Students have. With a little bit of proper encouragement and hard work I feel that the LYO can be built into something special - It is all owed tothe Teaching Staff and their great Students! 

Lloyd Ian Kapemba Botha – Deputy Head Teacher

Lloyd is a Lilongwe native and has many years experience as a Journalist for the Independent News Paper and is a public relations guru after receiving his diploma from the Polytechnic University of Malawi. His hobbies include; reading, discussing pressing issues with friends, and anything that involves learning something new. He teaches Life Skills and Social Studies to the many students that look up to him as a role model.

Edward Frank Wiscort – Teacher

From Ntchisi District just north of Lilongwe, Edward joined the LYO last February. He is predominately a Language teacher of both Chichewa and English but his good advice on any topic is never too far away. With his free time Edward enjoys coaching football, singing, reading, and writing poetry.


Chriphie ‘Cliff’ Mfune – Teacher

Cliff was born in 1993 and is a great asset to the LYO. Although he is new to teaching he has experience beyond his years. He is a literature teacher of both Chichewa and English alongside Geography. In his spare time Cliff is an avid footballer and enjoys reading no matter the topic. His short term goal is to attend university to further his teaching credentials.

Chimwemwe Kajere - Financial Asistant

Chimwewe is 18 years old and a fresh graduate from the Lilongwe Girls Secondary School. She was born in Kasungu District and has two brothers and three sisters. Alongside a budding interest in social issues, she is the new Financial Assistant at the Lilongwe Youth Organisation. You can always count on Chimwemwe for great recommendations.


Steven Kanyika

Steven was born in 1996 in the northern region of Rumphi. He moved to Lilongwe in 2009 with his family in search for greener pastures. He likes to learn mathematics and one day would like to manage a successful grocery market. Whenever there is  a Manchester United match on TV you can be sure to find Steven cheering for his favorite player, Wayne Rooney.


Ezla Kafwafwa

Born in 1993, Ezla came to Lilongwe from Dowa with his sister and three brothers in 2002. He enjoys learning English and wishes to be a hard working entrepreneur providing essential services for the Malawian people. He likes to follow football especially Manchester United.

Mwandida Mfune

Mwandida is 13 years old from Kamuzu, Lilongwe. She has three brothers and five sisters. She enjoys English class and Math class. One day Mwandida hopes to be a doctor so she can help out those around her with their illnesses.

Dalia Josephy

Dalia is an outgoing 17 years old with a smile that can light up any room. She enjoys Math and English courses and has aspirations to become a nurse to support her two brothers and four sisters. When she is not playing netball with Mwandida she can be found studying hard at the LYO.

Linda Gideon

 Linda is 16 years old from Kasungu District. Since her time at the LYO she has sparked an interest in biology and wishes to become a nurse so she can support her brother and two sisters. With her free time, Linda can be found on the netball court where she is an up-and-coming star around Kauma.


Tupele Mponda

Born in 1998, Tupele is a dynamic student with many interests. Her speciality is English and wishes to work side-by-side with Linda as a nurse. She enjoys getting caught up on Malawian issues and is a great role model for her brother and four sisters.


Howard W. Howa

Born the 10th of July, 1994, Howard is a bright student with a special interest in English. In the short future, Howard wishes to be a journalist so he can support his two sisters and three brothers. With his free time he can be found reading and studying hard.

Chifundo Sekwa

From Cholo District, Chifundo is 17 years old and he enjoys the company of his two brothers and sisters. He likes biology and one day hopes to be a professional biologist.

Isaac N. Josephy

From Juambe district in Lilongwe, Isaac enjoys helping out his disabled mother in taking care of his four sisters and two brothers. He has a specific interest in agriculture and one day would like to be the Minister of Agriculture to realize Malawi’s economic potential with breakthrough technologies concerning food production.


Yamikani ‘Mike’ R. Mbulukwa

Mike is 17 years old and was born in Kuamba, Lilongwe. He has three brothers and one sister and enjoys helping out his mother with her day-to-day tasks. He likes geography and is a budding explorer. Mike is always reliable to be asking inquisitive questions about the world.

Mayeso Chipote

Mayeso is a born again academic from Chewa District. He first came to Lilongwe in 2005 with his four kids. He has taken an interest in English Studies and one day would like to represent the people of Kauma as a politician.


Davson Banda

Davson is 16 years old and a Form 2 student at the LYO. He was born in Lilongwe and has three brothers and two sisters. Davson has aspirations to become a doctor with a special interest in Physical Sciences.