The Binding of the Wolf

This is a creative alteration of the Norse mythological tale of the binding of the wolf, Fenrir, who is known as Varg in the Bluebell Kildare Series. In the myth, Fenrir is seen as a dangerous monster who comes to the attention of the Norse God Odin when it's prophesied that Fenrir will eat Odin. Fearful for his life, Odin sets about trapping Fenrir. 

I’ve taken much liberty to make Fenrir a sympathetic character. Though, I think it’s important to note, there’s no indication that Fenrir had any desire to kill Odin before he was betrayed Odin. As so often happens, Odin’s actions seem to create his own fate.

Authors Note

This is a short story of just about 3000 words.

The events in this story take place well before the Bluebell Kildare Series starts and The Binding of the Wolf can be read before or after The Light Who Shines. When read after, it serves as a perfect backstory for Blue's much loved wolf companion and guardian, Varg.  WARNING: When read before The Light Who Shines it serves as a teaser to the series. It is not meant as a stand alone and will not feel satisfying until you read The Light Who Shines

Because of the mythological origins of Fenrir this story is told in the tone of a fairy tale. It is quite different than the tone of rest of the Bluebell Kildare Series.


At this time The Binding of the Wolf is not on sale. It will be given as a gift to those who attend one of the release parties for The Light Who Binds. After the party, I may post it on Amazon for 99 cents. 

Later, this story may become the prologue to a novella about one of the side characters.

(P.S. This page definitely needs a revision and an edit. Please bear with me as I'm pushing so much out right now to make the release date for The Light Who Binds.)