Important Dates and their Significance 

The Hoosac Tunnel And Its Mysteries 

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 The first attempt to build the Hoosac Tunnel and failed.

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1819    The idea for the Hoosac Tunnel was thought of, but shot down                                      because many people thought the construction would be too hard.

1825     A canal route is suggested to be built through the mountain side by Laomi                Baldwin.

1826     The Legislature refused to fund the project of building a canal.

1851     Construction finally began on the Hoosac Tunnel. 

1852    The Wilson's Patented Stone-Cutting Machine started cutting into the                       mountain side. 

1853   The bill to build the Hoosac Tunnel was finally passed after ten long                            hours.

1859    The West Shaft is finally dug in order to cease the water and rocks from                   caving in.

1862    The money for the tunnel is no longer provided by the Legislature and the                    project is now run by the State.

1863     Work begins on the Central Shaft of the tunnel.

1866    The first explosive, Nitroglycerin, is finally used for the tunnel by George                   Mowbray as well as the power drill by Charles Burleigh.

1870     The Central Shaft reaches the tunnel grade.

1872      The work on the East half of the tunnel is finally completed after having to                stop because of the overflow of water.

1873      The last blast that opens the end of the tunnel.

1875      The Hoosac Tunnel is finally completed.