Lilliput Review 95


Cover by Oberc


Riding the Curved Bowl

   We’re traveling together so we can’t see

   we’re traveling at the speed of light – –

   our feet are years from our eyes;

   To observers standing in another place,

   on fulcra different from ours,

   we look like we might be standing still,

   when we’re leaving before we arrived.











                                    from Poems to Eat and Say

                                       from Octavio Paz

   Glowing butterflies:

   one dreaming, one awake; all

   of us tossed by wind.

Leonard Cirino















Floe Edge

   more men without faces

   heading away from


   where sharp sticks

   each with a collar


   of some animal whose

   paws seem to be


   holding them

Lyn Lifshin











                                          The Widow's Shadow

   Keeping a life of wind

   from a rain of words

   she kneels before a cathedral

   of crossed hands and blurs

   into the ink-stained landscape,

   shaking a white tablecloth

   of weather for dinner.


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 This moth fluttering against

 the window screen.  I could go on

 killing ‘til the end of time

 and never be satisfied

                    Greg Watson






































Van Gogh

knew death

was a flurry

of crows

in a field

of gold

     Albert Huffstickler







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