Lilliput Review 94
           ~ a sampling


 Cover art by Kevin Friend




   They dart like minnows

   from cupped hands.


   The night

   is not enough

   for dreaming.

M. S. Rooney





The Way It Is And Will Be Was


   up a Venetian canal

   leaving a trail you’ll never

   come back on but

   can see from a long way off

   as it lasts oly

   a moment in the pouring rain.

Wayne Hogan






shouts of martyred saints

incessant crash of waves

   cars on the freeway

Geoff Pope









Sarcophagus.  Now

that is a word.

Lime eats flesh.

The box remains.

Quintus Horace will never

read a poem of mine.

Posterity?  The ones

You leave ahead,

not behind.

Brett Bodemer

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the rain

knits us

with threads

of silve

Albert Huffstickler
















from Epistles

   A word, once sent abroad,

   flies irrevocably.

Quintus Horace



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