Lilliput Review 91
          ~ a sampling


Cover art by Albert Huffstickler




On Writing The Short Poem

Eliminate twenty adjectives.

Emphasize verbs (and all

those verbalisms that carry

fever or congratulation).

Describe elephants

of your imagination as if

in copulation.  As if

each word’s ejaculating.

As if the poem conceives itself.

End it with a question mark?

C. D. Chase













not particularly high


at the smokehouse door

Mark Hartenbach


                          how is it done,

                          the vanishing,

                          to step behind an atom

                          the oak crown still roaring

                                    Georgette Perry








crows gather

row of hunched forms

immersed in no-mind

Cathy Drinkwater Better





What I Am Thinking in the Middle of the

   First Annual World Java Conference

From here, those lost crows

are seven black pebbles, strewn

across a dry creek

Evan Rail

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And you too shall

pass, the autumn

tells me, shaking

its leaves

in my face.

Albert Huffstickler


















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