Lilliput Review 90
          ~ a sampling


Cover by the late, great Harland Ristau



North Beach Poetics

The YES poets court the

NO poets who seek the favors

of the LEFT poets who blow the

RIGHT poets for the wrong reasons

A.    D. Winans








             Brobdingnag Feature Poem, #38


Oh, Henry

Charles Bukowski told me the reason he chose

Charles for his writer name instead of

Henry his real first name was because

he didn’t think Henry was a very writerly

name and I, a full-of-myself undergrad said,

But what about Henry James, Henry Miller,

O. Henry.  And Charles Bukowski laughed

letting me know he was glad to know

I wasn’t the bimbo he thought I was

and I laughed, glad he didn’t think me

a bimbo, and he laughed some more, harder

his eyes twinkling letting me know it wasn’t

so much knowledge he had but psychic insight

and that he could see right through me and

it was scarier than hell.

Joan Jobe Smith



















I Don’t Want To Move

pillow that smells like skin

your fingers     light on

water in a Monet    that

will change before

paint’s dry

Lyn Lifshin











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Dreaming we’d dreamt

a new dream

we slunk off at dawn

ashamed we’d been

dreaming at all

Bart Solarczyk


















Who has time for time?

It takes everything I’ve

got to catch a breath. 


Cid Corman






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