Lilliput Review 156
           ~ a sampling 

Cover art by Christophe Meyer



prayer to uncertainty

     glory be to the incessant

     to the obsessive

     and to the irreverent

     as it may have been in the beginning

     is now


    and ever shall be

    or not

    compassion without end


                Laura Guli



















Overall Philosophical Outlook

     We bake so

     much bread because our

     puppets are so small.

     We need to make bigger

     puppets and bake

     less bread.

                 Wayne Hogan















sand rinsed off the shells

with our own water

                 Gary Hotham













Empathy Fatigue

    It's easy to grow tired

    when another bomb

    blows another crater

    into another street

    where another house

    collapses in to another heap

    leaving another wave of grief

    washing another family

    and the only word that comes to mind

    is again again     

                 David Chorlton

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has a




            John Martone


























upturned shells

cup the receding tide ...

still not over you

                 Jeffrey Stillman

















my shadow ephemeral too

     Karma Tenzing Wangchuk





























Beyond death

more death.

And death,

and death.

And death.

And always

with enough life

to sustain it.

        Charlie Mehrhoff 








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