Lilliput Review 155
                ~ a sampling

Artwork by Guy Beining


   There was this moment

in the middle of my life -

         roses in the skinny limbed tree.

             Ron Price 














    After the voices of sparrows have changed

    into those of doves

    that fly north in March, afte

    the end of one drought

    becomes the start of another, after

    the splash of wildflowers,

    the moths appear with moonlight

    dusted onto their wings

    as they emerge from between the pages

    of winter's unread books. 

                David Chorlton



















Niho no Umi

    O when we dive

    leave no ripple

    on the surface of the world.

    How long can we be together?

    How long can we hold our breath?

                Suzume Shi


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within hearing--

new leaves

a day older

        Gary Hotham 

































  You came from Saga, near water

  Love god of a single night.

  The poem you composed

  Within the silk bed,

  Please keep it secret.


      Yosano Akiko

      translated by Dennis Maloney

























        Faith-Anne Bell  





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