Lilliput Review 153
           ~ a sampling


                                Cover art by Guy Beining



     Unable to touch

     The hot tide of blood

     Beneath my tender skin.

     Do you feel lonely

     Teacher of the way?

         Yosano Akiko

         translated by Dennis Maloney



















     In this life where, from the womb,

        we step from dark to darkness,

     what joy when a few fireflies,

        rise up

                 to light our way ...

             Dan Stryk






National Poetry Day

     This being that fine occasion

     to honor appreciative friends

     with a wisdomy verse

     pulled from one's hip,

     I am telling myself to first

     keep straight my pockets

     so as to not go

     blow my nose into

     William Carlos Williams.

         Richard Swanson

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     Never turn away from

     a blessing

     no matter how


         Greg Watson
































full moon

half moon



just don't know

     Ed Baker 






























signing our wills

we're sealed and delivered

to our span - -

the calliope hummingbird

lives three years


     Ruth Holzer




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