Lilliput Review 151
          ~ a sampling



   before I arrive –

        morning glory


                ~ Stanford M. Forrester






Plump chrysanthemums

arranged in a round, white vase

Soft pink melodies

resonate in morning light

Before dawn, you sang to me


               ~ Beth Bourland
















Sunday Mornings

      Where were we, sweetheart?

      Stuck in the middle, I guess.

      I remember Sunday mornings.

      Waking up as your father came in

      With those cocaine eyes of his.

      Later we walked to church,

      Stood in the back and cracked jokes.

      We laughed softly, didn’t we, love?

      Before we prayed.


               ~ David Caruso





blending morning tea

hearing water from fountain

ferns narrow the sound


               ~ Guy Beining













When we build bridges

we forget where bridges flow from

and to.


              ~ Michael Meinhoff


through stained glass

I dreamt

we traded gossip

Father, Death, and I.


    ~ Pamela Miller Ness

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