Lilliput Review 147
               ~ a sampling


Cover art by Wayne Hogan


The people of my native village

have changed after many years,

but at the gate

the fragrance

of plum blossoms remains.

     Ki-no Tsurayuki

     translated by Dennis Maloney and Hide Oshiro







     what happened

     before the tree became pencils


              here comes another one

         Carl Mayfield





                                                                        The Library of Why

                                                               The shelves are empty.

                                                                     Noelle Kocot











Jungle of drainpipes round sink & tub.

Smell of Cockroach Bomb #49.

Hate is the windows nailed shut.

Radio advertisements that correspond

to products on kitchen shelf

generate their containers with New Energy.

The BMT subway under Fourteenth Street

silently vibrates the tenement,

and then an air hammers opens up on Avenue C.

Like the Consolidated Edision barricades say:

                     DIG WE MUST

     W. T. Ranney

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    I've had

    no luck

    finding the forest

    I was supposed

    to have been

    lost in


    and ever 

      Mark DeCarteret
























this perpetual


 David Lindley 



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