Lilliput Review 146
               ~ a sampling


 Artwork by Cornpuff



These Things Make You Dizzy

     A pendulum rocking a thousand miles

     above a still body of water.

     The ocean at night.

     The dome of sky over an open field.

     Anything vast and lonely that makes you think

     of how you're here, and how it's now,

     and how you exist only as a fiber of something

     much larger that spirals towards an enormous,

     inevitable pinpoint in the distance

     right before your eyes.

         Naomi Wolf









    the tall trees remind me

    how much less I could say

    than I do

        Constance Campbell





                                                            She holds me

                                                            in the twilight of her years

                                                            regretting nothing

                                                            how can she hold so still

                                                            while the moon and I tremble

                                                                 Linda Zeiser


field of sunflowers

   far as the eye can see


    Anne LB Davidson





                                seventeen years―way

                                too late to scare my sister―

                                cicadas return

                                             Charles West

To Rise

   Lily buds





    o wet pale loop of swan's logic

        James Owens


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