Lilliput Review 145
               ~ a sampling


Cover art by Keddy Ann Outlaw


The Arrival

    We have arrived without luggage

    in a country we don't recognize

    among people who distrust us

    where the walls have no windows

    and the doors open only

    for the chosen.  We are home at last.

            David Chorlton







from 100 Poems by 100 Poets

    Like the wild swirling patterns

    dyed in the cloth from the north

    my love thoughts

    are becoming tangled

    with you.

        Kawara-no Sadaijin

        translated by Dennis Maloney & Hide Oshiro













from 100 Poems by 100 Poets

    The short space 

    between joints in the reeds

    growing along the Naniwa shore

    - may the time before

    your next visit be as brief.

        Princess Ise

          translated by Dennis Maloney & Hide Oshiro

                                    past menses -

                                    I oil and rub the small feet

                                    of my pregnant friend

                                    the age my unborn daughter

                                    would have been

                                                    Jeanne Lupton

these small moments - -

drop by drop

the bowl fills

         Serena Fusek


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