Lilliput Review 143
                ~ a sampling


Artwork by Gyorgy Kostritski


on the phone

my daughter and I

watch different sunsets

         Anne LB Davidson














Blue Ohio Cornflower

     Teach me, love,

     your four-petaled arrogance,


     along the drybed,

     needing the future, patiently

     milking the dawn.

     Trick me into believing

     what moves in me

     might be saved

     if I hold on.

                 Llewellyn McKernan














National Anthem

    You will attempt to sell them the blunt side of the knife.


    stutter throught the rhetoric of sacrifice,

    stack the children on the altar,

    say a prayer that their blood turns black and burns,

    dump their bodies into pools.


    Only ripples shine back at you

              as you smile and wave.

                John Nieves

                                                    reshuffling Iraq

                                            torture takes a sweet row

                                            in back of the slaughterhouse,

                                            for splendid is the hook

                                            we bleed on but not over.

                                                                  Guy R. Beining

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purple blossoms

on the gravel path--

I've wasted this hour


     Miriam Sagan





















to name and rename

the wildflowers

these years

since your death

 Pamela Miller Ness


























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