To run FitEoS program, click the following screen-shot to start. To download a copy of the FitEoS program to your local computer, click here to download the .jar file.
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System Prerequisite:
Java web start (Java SE JRE/SDK ) 5.0 or up is required. In Windows, you need to download it and install it. In Linux, you can install it from the repository in most cases. In Linux, you may also need to setup several files correctly (click here for furthur guidance).

Attention: You should use Java web start, NOT open-jdk. Using open-jdk does not affect results, but the graphical user interface in open-jdk is not as friendly. If your Firefox is set to use open-jdk by default, you can change it to Java web start by these means.

Input File Format
P      V
P      Uncertainty of P      V      Uncertainty of V
P      T      V
P      Uncertainty of P      T      Uncertainty of T      V      Uncertainty of V

Update History
  • 2009-12-11: FitEoS test version released.
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