Daniel & Erica's Wedding Bio
Our wonderful day of wedded bliss!!

Our wedding took place on July 12, 2008 in Norman, OK in a beautiful garden at a sweet little bed and breakfast. It was a regular Oklahoma summer day...hot as hell and the humidity was about 125%!!! We had an outdoor evening wedding, and yes, it rained. I'm sure it's every bride's worst nightmare for an outdoor wedding, but it turned out ok...It was short and sweet and cooled everything down tremendously!!! After our wedding we took off to Virginia to pack up all of DH things and drive them back home to OK, so we had little mini-moon. We also did some Trash the Dress photos in Virginia Beach in the resort area. They were so much fun!!! We are now in our first official place together which I will stay in and work while DH deploys for the 2nd time. But soon we will be together and be able to enjoy our married lives!!!!

***KNOTTIE DISCLAIMER- if you use any of my images please give me credit for them. The professional pictures were shot by Sara's Photo Creations of Norman, OK and TTD were by Jessie Smith of Virginia, so please give them credit as well!! :D***


Getting Ready!

Just decorating the morning of!!!



Just a little liquid courage!!

I think my face says it all... :P

That day, I think my little flower girl got more attention than I did...but just look at her! So cute!


Now it's the boys turn!!!

They had a little Captin in them...and some Crown too!!! ;D


All the little details!

My old, my new, borrowed, blue and a penny for my shoe!

For our loved ones...

The Dum-Dum tree and coloring books I made for all the kiddos to enjoy!

Ceremony and Reception

My Grampi looked so handsome!!!

Absolutely precious ring bearer!!


Yes...Daniel's 2nd Best man pulled my 2nd ring out of a Crown Royal bag...I loved it!!

The heat made his fingers really swollen so his ring was tough to get one!!

Our AMAZING first kiss!! I don't think I have ever wanted to kiss him so much!!

We're married now!!!!

Not a dry eye around when he was dancing with his momma...they danced to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts

Dancing with my sweet Grampi! He really new how to shake a leg!!!

MOH made me cry during her toast...one look at each other and we were a ball of tears!!



    One of the Best Men and his best friend of over 18 years.

I thought he was going to be nice....

....but he wasn't!!!

I love the look on his face...so cute!

I was WAY too nice to him!!!

He was excited about this part!!!

My precious flowergirl sitting in our photographers bag!! Could she be any cuter!?!?!

His brothers and sisters (minus one sister) and MOST of his side of the family!!

 Us  with my grandparentsUs with his mom

Here's when it started to rain on us...but it made for some very nice pictures!!!


Rehearsal and Dinner

At the rehearsal dinner at MOH parent's house.

At a bar after the dinner....BM Brendan was feeling pretty good by that point!


One of our last kisses of the night!!

We are very silly kids!!! Lots of funny faces!!! 

Trash the Dress- Virginia Beach, VA

We took these one week after our wedding in Virginia Beach. They were taken at 7am on a Saturday but the were so worth it!! These were taken by Jessie Smith so please give her credit if you use them!!! Thanks! :-)


Road Trip back to OK

We went to Virginia the day after the wedding and had to pack up all of Daniel's things and drove them back to Oklahoma. We drove through Virginia, through West Virgnia, into Ohio and Kentucky, then through Indiana, Illinois, Misouri and finally into Oklahoma!! It took us about 2 1/2 days, but it was so much fun!!!

 Our first hotel in some small town in West Virginia, just past the Virginia border!

   Our little trailer that we lovingly pulled all the way home!!!


We saw this on the highway in West Virginia...and it took us forever to pass it!!!

A coal mining factory and a nuclear reactor plant...

Hello Kentucky!!

 The arch in St. Louis!!

Busch Stadium...where the St. Louis Cardinals play!

On the top of that hill were 3 very tall crosses...we thought it was pretty neat!

This is a huge McDonald's that stretches over I-44 somewhere between Missouri and Oklahoma...you drive right underneath it!!! So weird! 

Our first home!!

Still a work in progress!!!

He really loves his new t.v....

...and I LOVE my new washer and dryer


Our furbabies!!!!!

Our oldest...Boot, the one eyed Peek-a-poo

Daddy and our youngest Rocko (a yorkie) caught sleeping on the couch!

Our sweet little girl, Pogo the pug!!!

Mommy with all the kiddos!!!

Vendor Reviews!

  • Attire- Facchiano's- Tulsa, OK. I had a wonderful experience working with them to pick out my perfect dress!! The ladies were so wonderful and sweet! I would recommend the to anyone who is in search of their perfect wedding gown! A+++++++++++++++++++++ Tom's Formalwear- Oklahoma City, OK. Very easy to work with and thee tuxes looked great! As far as I know, no one had any problems with any tux issues! A++
  • Ceremony/Reception location- Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast- Norman, OK. Ummm, well...I was less than impressed with them. The location was beautiful and the suites we had to get ready in were beautiful as well, but it was far from easy to work with them. The owner's son (who I guess is the manager of the business) knows absolutely nothing about weddings. I was mislead on signing my contract and promised several things that I had to fight to get. The owner was more than willing to get me what was promised, but he was clear to point out that his son was wrong in promising me things that weren't suposed to happen. It was also expensive for what I got (not what I thought I was getting but what I actually got...). B-
  • Cakes- Johnnie's Sweet Creations- Oklahoma City, OK. I love their cakes and that's about all I can say. They are moist and delcious! The only problem I had was that my cake was crooked...noticably crooked. There was abviously nothing I could do about it at the time, but no one mentioned anything to me so I guess it didn't bother anyone else. I was able to take in the picture that I wanted and they re-created it perfectly!! A++++
  • Flowers- Hobby Lobby. I DIYed my flowers using fake flowers I bought at Hobby Lobby. There weren't enough in the store, and they had no problem ordering them for me! The flowers looked and felt real IMO...A+
  • Hair and make-up- My sister-in-law, Ambur, Salon Zen- Norman, OK. I loved my hair and my make-up. It was exactly what I wanted and she is so super fast and it lasted all night long!! A+++++++++
  • Photographer- Sara Biese of Sara's Photo Creations- Norman, OK. She was so wonderful to work with and so much fun! She did our engagement photos as well and it was so much fun! A++++++++ (times a million)
  • Wedding officiant- David Deen- Two Oaks Weddings, Tulsa, OK. He was a lot of fun to work with. He was very easy going and did exactly what we asked of him. We were able to pesonalize our ceremony the way we wanted to and it was just perfect! A+++
  • DJ- DJ Connections- He was so awesome!!! I think his name was Steve...? I'm not really for sure thought. But he was a lot of fun! He played just what we asked for and he was even willing to play some music for us that DH gave him on a CD. He was super laid back and was just awesome! A+