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Tips and Ideas

  • One of my fellow quilt guild members suggested something I thought was a great idea.  When you have a reference book with a hard spine (won't lay flat) that you use all the time, you can take it to Office Max or Staples and have them cut off the binding, and put in a spiral binding for you.  This will allow your book to lie flat for easy reference.  This is also a great idea for any older books that you might have, that are falling apart.  You can spiral bind them to keep from losing pages.  I think I might do this with some of my cook books.  Mmmmm.
  • One of the ways I keep myself organized is by keeping all of my computer software together in a binder.  All of us with computers have a ton of software and the boxes get bulky with nothing really in them.  I bought a three ring binder, and some inserts that hold CD's, and I keep all of my software in the binder that goes to my computer.  Operating system, Antivirus software, Microsoft Office, EQ, and so on in there.  You can cut up the boxes if there are any codes that you might need and place the pieces with the appropriate CDs.  If I ever have a computer crash (heaven forbid) and I can't access my backup, I know where everything is so that I can get back up and running as soon as possible.  This is also a great way to store your embroidery CDs you might have made from downloaded designs and such.  If you're super organized, you can even put an index of the downloaded files with each CD!  :)