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Sleep Mat

Here's my daughter Katie, modeling our children's sleep mat.  The sleep mat is a mat, blanket and pillow all in one convenient carry all.  It has straps to fasten it and one to carry.  It's a great to take to daycare, to Grandma's house, or just to lay in front of the TV and watch a show.  They are great for sleepover's too.  Just lay a few of these down on an air mattress, and everyone's ready for sleep!

Below, you can see Katie carrying her mat when it's rolled up.

There was a question from one of my customers about what the small straps are for.  The small straps are used to hold the mat together.  Below are a few pictures showing where the straps are attached to the bottom of the mat, how the straps secure the back, and what a mat looks like rolled up.

To Purchase this pattern, we ask that you patronize your local quilt/fabric shop.  If you don't have a local shop, or they don't carry my patterns, you can purchase them through this fine retailer:

Quilter's Warehouse

Online Extras!

Under the attachments, you can find an outline version of the quilt top for the sleep mat.  You can then download it, print it out, and then color it to see how it will look with your color selections.

Kimberly Purdy,
Aug 22, 2010, 12:55 PM